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What Is Hip Bursitis?

The most common cause of hip pain, hip bursitis, also known as Trochanteric bursitis, is inflammation of the small sack of fluid, known as bursa, that cushion the bones, tendons, and muscles of the joint. The function of a bursa is to prevent friction between the bone and overlying soft tissue. When the bursa become inflamed it causes pain in the hip.

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Hip Bursitis Causes and Risk Factors

  • Athletes: Hip bursitis can form through repetitive friction from the overlying muscles and tendons resulting in the inflammation of the bursa. This is commonly seen in runners or athletes who participate in running orientated sports such as soccer or football.
  • Injuries: Known as traumatic bursitis, this type is caused by a direct impact to the bursa, such as a fall onto the outer hip.
  • Post-surgical: Patients who have had hip surgery may complain of pain over the outside of the hip.

Bursitis of the Hip

There are several bursae around the hip joint:

Gluteus Medius Bursa

A smaller bursa, between the gluteus medius muscle and the greater trochanter, just medial to the trochanteric bursa.

Trochanteric Bursa

The most common form of bursitis causes pain to the outer hip.

Iliopsoas Bursa

Between the iliopsoas muscle at the front of the hip joint and the underlying bone (bursitis in this area is also known as Iliopectineal bursitis).

Ischial Bursa

Between the hamstring tendons and the base of the pelvis causing pain in the upper buttock area.

Symptoms of Hip Bursitis

  • Pain and weakness in the hip
  • Tenderness of the upper/outer thigh
  • Hip swelling
  • Trouble sleeping on the affected side

When Surgery Is Necessary

When experiencing chronic hip pain, or have just sustained a hip-related injury, you should contact Dr. Madsen for a diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis of hip bursitis can help speed up recovery time and prevent loss further damage, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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