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Direct Anterior Approach DAA Hip Resurfacing

The benefits of the Direct Anterior Approach in Hip Resurfacing is avoidance of detaching major muscle groups from bone, a higher likelihood of maintaining the blood supply to the remaining femoral neck, less likelihood of dislocation as the dynamic hip stabilizer (short external rotators) is completely unaffected (posterior approach releases all the dynamic stabilizer of the hip), and less likelihood for the patient to experience a limp since the abductor is not released from the greater trochanter (as in the anterior lateral approach).

Disadvantages of DAA Hip Resurfacing

The main disadvantages of the DAA is that it is more difficult for the surgeon and not all patients are candidates for DAA. We do not have long-term follow-up data on DAA, but in the short term it appears that the DAA has a shorter recovery phase, a shorter hospital stay, improved component position and improved early function.

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