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Common Knee Surgeries

Dr. Terry Madsen performs a wide range of knee surgeries on patients afflicted with a variety of conditions, including tears and chronic pain.

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ACL Surgery

ACL surgery is necessary when a ligament is damaged enough to require a graft to replace it. Dr. Madsen uses tendons from elsewhere in your body to create the graft – usually the other knee or the hamstring – or from a donor. Sometimes, ACL surgeries can be performed arthroscopically. Arthroscopic surgery requires smaller incisions and results in a shorter hospital stay. Either way, you should expect a lengthy recovery period, aided by physical rehabilitation. Healing times vary from patient to patient, but full recovery can take as much as six months.

Meniscus Surgery

In a meniscus surgery, Dr. Madsen repairs damaged cartilage between the bones in your knee by using small tools to remove damaged cartilage and to smooth the edges in the area. Also called a partial meniscectomy, these procedures reduce chronic pain and restore athletic function. Unlike ACL surgeries, meniscus procedures require less recovery time for moderate activity and only three to six months’ recovery for intense athletic competition.

Partial Knee Resurfacing with MAKOplasty

MAKOPlasty is a robot arm-assisted procedure designed to relieve the painful symptoms of joint degeneration as a result of osteoarthritis. MAKOplasty selectively targets the affected portions of the knee to improve tissue and bone health, as well as reduce recovery times.

MCL Treatment

Because your MCL has a robust blood supply, the recovery time for MCL injuries is much shorter and usually doesn’t require surgery. In many cases, icing and elevating the knee, taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications – like Ibuprofen – and walking on crutches is enough to recover from the injury. However, some MCL injuries require arthroscopic surgery. If yours does, you will experience physical therapy and longer recovery times.

PCL Treatment

PCL injuries are less common than ACL or MCL tears. They usually occur as a result of an ACL or MCL injury. However, the good news is they don’t usually require surgery. In most cases, you’ll be able to return to your regular routine, so long as you make the lifestyle changes recommended by Dr. Madsen.

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